Somatic symptoms

Chronic pain/sickness

Relational difficulties

Life transitions

Self-harming behaviors

Somatic work

learning to indwell your own body and your own story can enable you to work through experiences that have been unresolved. 

The relationships, healing, and life that you are desiring  comes through engagement of all of your senses.  Fulfillment is not just a mental experience- and neither is the process of healing. 

You may experience present moment feelings and sensations as we talk through different relationships and memories.  I will walk you through a process of curiosity, and engagement of difficult sensations or feelings that may arise.

  Having healthy relationships with others and in life begins with a healthy relationship with yourself and your bodymind.   


Narrative Work

As we learn to have greater curiosity and compassion for our own stories we are able to enter deeper into the stories of our families, friends, communities, and the larger narrative of the world that we live in. 

Our stories impact us not just mentally, but we hold our stories in our bodies.  Our bodies are the most honest thing about us, and that is why I apply somatic (physical) awareness through breathing, mindfulness, and simple movements into my engagement of your story.


Attachment/ Relational Theory

Attachment theory and research has shown that our most basic emotional needs are learned and experienced through our primary relationships. 

Difficult experiences in life can create an imbalance or instability in these relationships, which in turn impacts all areas of our life.  

Living in a fast paced city like Seattle can make finding deeply meaningful and therapeutic relationships difficult. as a counselor in Seattle I offer a place for you to experience attunement, connection, and reflection in a safe relationship.  The therapeutic relationship creates a space in which you explore, learn, and grow interpersonally.